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....The fact is, meanwhile, that, in the riddle story, the detective was an afterthought, or, more accurately, a deus ex machina to make the story go. The riddle had to be unriddled; and who could do it so naturally and readily as a detective? The detective, as Poe saw him, was a means to this end; and it was only afterwards that writers perceived his availability as a character.
Lecoq accordingly becomes a figure in fiction, and Sherlock, while he was as yet a novelty, was nearly as attractive as the complications in which he involved himself. Riddle-story writers in general, however, encounter the obvious embarrassment that their detective is obliged to lavish so much attention on the professional services which the exigencies of the tale demand of him, that he
has very little leisure to expound his own personal equation ....
Collection of American riddle stories, containing narratives from Edgar Allan Poe, Nathaniel Hawthorne and many more.
Originally published in 1909.


Author Julian Hawthorne

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GTIN 9783957388483

Language English

Pages 356

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The Most Interesting Stories of All Nations

American Riddle Stories

Julian Hawthorne

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