by Shell, Billie Dureyea
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Shell, Billie Dureyea TWISTED 2
Shell, Billie Dureyea - TWISTED 2

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Secrets have been revealed, trust has been broken, and bonds have been destroyed. After the ultimate betrayal by her husband, King, Mya is finally readjusting to life as she once knew it. Just when things begin to look up, everything comes crashing down. One bad decision after a night of drinking has cost King the love of his life, his wife Mya. Things couldn't possibly get any worse. Or so he thought! Star's years of scamming and devious ways have finally caught up with her. Unfortunately, she will lose something more valuable than anything money could buy. When bullets begin to fly someone will pay the ultimate cost, their life.


Shell, Billie Dureyea

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Net Worth Over 10.5 Million Billie Dureyea Shell was born on December 25,1974. He is the son of former NFL Player, Hall Of Famer and first African American Coach Art L. Shell and Mclessie Shell.
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Paperback book
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0.215 x 0.137 x 0.021 m; 0.241 kg
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