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High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! A SaaS Platform is a computer program or collection of more than one computer program that acts as a host to applications that reside on it. Essentially, a SaaS platform can be considered a type of specialized application server. The platform manages underlying computer hardware and software resources and uses those resources to endow its hosted applications with multi-tenant, on-demand capabilities that are found in Software as a service applications. Generally, hosted applications are written to target the platform and support a single user. The platform absorbs the responsibility of distributing the application as a service to multiple users over the Internet. The SaaS Platform can be considered a layer of abstraction above the traditional application server, creating a computing platform that parallels the value offered by the traditional operating system, only in a web-centric fashion. The SaaS platform is rooted in the need to reduce the time and difficulty associated with developing highly available, enterprise grade business applications that are to be delivered on-demand.

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