Algorithms and Silicon Architectures for Public-key Cryptography

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Ciaran McIvor Algorithms and Silicon Architectures for Public-key  Cryptography
Ciaran McIvor - Algorithms and Silicon Architectures for Public-key  Cryptography

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In recent years, the use of cryptography has become
more widespread, due to the advent and expansion of
the electronic communication age. This has been
fuelled by the growing popularity of services such
as e-mail, and on-line shopping and banking.
Therefore, the security industry has a requirement
to produce high-speed, low cost, and high-strength
cryptographic products in order to satisfy customer
demands for real-time encryption. In particular,
hardware based algorithms, architectures, and
implementations of encryption algorithms offer
several key benefits over software solutions.
Therefore, the overall aim of the work presented in
this book has been to develop reusable hardware
based public-key cryptographic solutions, capable of
performing high-strength encryption in real-time.
Particular focus has been on the RSA cryptosystem,
Montgomery modular multiplication and inversion,
elliptic curve cryptosystems, and public-key
cryptography for wireless sensor networks and RFID
tags. Worked examples are provided throughout the
book in order to provide a more detailed insight
into the many cryptographic algorithms and
architectures described.


Author Ciaran McIvor

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GTIN 9783639007459

Pages 196

Product type Paperback

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