An Agent Based Goal Elicitation Technique using Agile Methods

Multiple Perspectives of Elicitation of Requirements in Goal Oriented Requirements Engineering
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Angshu Maan Sen An Agent Based Goal Elicitation Technique using Agile Methods
Angshu Maan Sen - An Agent Based Goal Elicitation Technique using Agile Methods

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Goal oriented requirements engineering methods define the requirements in terms of goals which are understood by the stakeholders and the goals are extracted from the stakeholders, but extracting these goals is challenging task in the goal oriented methods. To extract goals, the high level goals are decomposed to get the lower level goals/sub-goals and a guiding model involving active participation of stakeholder is essential for goal decomposition/refinement/splitting. This work presents an Agile Technique for Agent Based Goal Elicitation (ATABGE)involving maximum participation of stakeholders for eliciting goals/sub-goals. The methodology is validated through a tool support which compiles the elicited goals and assigns priority for their further decomposition/refinement/splitting, to elicit the sub-goals. The analysis and validation of the methodology is discussed with a case study of Assam University Examination Branch Automation. Results and observations of the case study is presented with the various snapshots and the pseudo code of the algorithm.


Author Angshu Maan Sen

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