Mord am Schlosskanal - Sandra Wing

by carla egerer
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carla egerer Mord am Schlosskanal - Sandra Wing
carla egerer - Mord am Schlosskanal - Sandra Wing

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CARLA EGERER is a Content Label documentaries,
© carla egerer__Murder near castle Canale____Frankensteins's offspring twin escapes and goes astray in the Bavarian forest. Finding shelter in a dilapitaded house at a teenagers family approaches . Commissioner Puller and his young team contemplates who a muric-acid corroded corpse has actually been ??A trace leads to MARA Villa of " Jungle Design " furniture. midnight a new case slips in to sleuth SANDRA WING, . Her lover GEORG TAGT, novelist in perpetual crisis, discovers a blood covered bullet on floor of Rockclub. Isabell, sophisticated beauty hastily exits with a briefcase full of documents tucked under her wounded arm. Southamerican rebell LUIS LOPEZ VEGA shows up in Munich, overpowered by a love affair. after meeting FINANCE POOL CHIEF Marcel Huska he vanishes without a trace. Stock corporation " FEUDAL SYSTEM OF MODERN TIMES " is in conference to recent riot activities in South America. entrusted by agile lawyers. Wood plantations are dished out as bonuses to aspring plotters...make business in Europe prosper...Nerves wracked by phone murder threats MARA puts her daughter to bed. In MARA´s business office a stranger appears making stammering requests for lodging .. young lawyers wife is begging for morphium at designer GARCIA`S place. sleuth romance among search for evidence goes to peaces.. a fresh corpse is kept hidden in a coffin...and small-time contractor is begging for payment extension. agrees to do`dirty work for Marcel....Next to artwork " GALLOWS OF MODERN TIMES " in villa foyer, a victim falls dead .. under very eyes of Commissioner Puller and his sneeky team.....SANDRA worms her way into the villa, prevents a child from meeting death from poisoned pralinees ...overhears the flogging of a female prisoner..and thanks to the hidden old spinster she's able to put most of the jumbled pieces together.... more SANDRA WING in :__Corpse in the basement __Death in the factory boiler


carla egerer

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egerer, carla
Berlin geboren. Beide eltern wiener wissenschaftler, mädchen Internat und schwesterngymnasium. fotografiestudium Berlin lettehaus auf Plattenkamera. Entwicklung: auf fotoplattenbasis zu performancefiguren. kunstprojekt aulaulu :design, kostüm + gesangsevent. mitproduzierte experimentalfilme . Ein jahr Rom. 12 jahre wohnsitz Barcelona (kunststudium neue medien UAB). arbeit an privat TVSender Barcelona. Filmhochschule münchen Produktion +EB Technik. (electronic broadcasting). Drehbuecher und Kamera dokumentarfilme. acht comicfiguren creiert+fotografiert. Mit datenbank freund fünf jahre Netzwerke erstellt. Seit ich 20 bin will ich bücher schreiben. du benötigst, zeit geld ruhe. Nach 13 jahren gelang es mir.
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Murder near castle Canale__sleuth Sandra Wing in action. Frankensteins's offspring escapes and goes astray in the Bavarian forest. Finding shelter in a dilapitaded old house at a teenagers room.

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May 12, 2017
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