Threat to Rio Branco, Boa Vista/RR, by organophosphorus pesticides

Analysis of physico-chemical parameters and an investigation of the interference of organophosphates with those parameters
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Alex Araújo Threat to Rio Branco, Boa Vista/RR, by organophosphorus pesticides
Alex Araújo - Threat to Rio Branco, Boa Vista/RR, by organophosphorus pesticides

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The use of pesticides used in the last decades has been growing in geometric progressions, especially the practice of applying these compounds, which today is considered the most widely used agrotoxin in the cultivation of crops, despite being of rapid disintegration, even reaching the groundwater tables of the region, due to soil leaching. The use of methyl parathion, mevinfós, cyanofós were determined. The determination of these organophosphates were found using the concentration through solid phase extraction (SPE) and then injected into a mass-coupled gas chromatograph (CGMS). The physicochemical parameters present worrying indexes, although they are not in catastrophic levels they present numbers that call our attention, to determine the temperature, pH, salinity, electrical conductivity, dissolved oxygen were determined using a multiparameter probe and checked with oximeter, pHmeter, and a conductivimeter, while the color was used the NESSLER 200, and the turbidity an AT 2k turbidimeter.


Author Alex Araújo

Author Henrique Silva

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GTIN 9786200951922

Release Date 30.07.2020

Language English

Pages 80

Product type Paperback

Dimension 8.66 x 5.91  inches

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