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This is an exciting time in global business and management theory: Leading researchers as well as practitioners have to find ways to cope with volatility, risk, complexity, hyper competition and speed in various markets. They also need to think about how to exploit the environment in such a way that future generations have the same or better chances.

A key question is how to use the unique opportunities arising from new communication technologies and aging populations and, perhaps most importantly, how to shape and control the whole network of business partners in order to provide customer perceived values which are superior to those of competitors. Simultaneously, it is crucial to devise strategies which ensure sustainable economic development of all business partners.

The School of Management of the University of Applied Sciences has formed a partner network of universities to perform research activities which address these topics. The result of these activities, the scientific insights gained and transformation examples are presented at a one-day conference with three sessions:

- Global Logistics and Operations (Session A)

- Global Business Management (Session B)

- Managing Financial Performance (Session C)


Editor Herbert Jodlbauer

Editor Josef Arminger

Editor Corinna Engelhardt-Nowitzki

Author Hannes Hofstadler

Editor Jörg Kraigher-Krainer

Editor Heimo Losbichler

Editor Sophie Wiesinger

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Conference Day 2010


Herbert Jodlbauer


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