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Lepuropetalon is a genus of flowering plants in the family Parnassiaceae. It is one of the two genera in the family, the other being Parnassia. Lepuropetalon has only one species, Lepuropetalon spathulatum. It is a winter annual that is most abundant in eastern Texas and western Louisiana. From there, it occurs sporadically southward into Mexico, and eastward thru the Atlantic and Gulf coastal plain, and rarely in the Piedmont Plateau, to North Carolina. It has a disjunct distribution. In addition to the area mentioned above, it is also found in Uruguay and central Chile. It is one of the smallest of terrestrial flowering plants and some consider it to be the smallest. Because it is so easily overlooked, it is probably much more abundant than records indicate. It is found in moist areas, usually in soils that are sandy or derived from granite. It is common along the edges of soil-filled depressions on top of rocks. It is often seen in cemeteries and clearings for power lines.

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