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Many of the most important black intellectual movements of the second half of the twentieth century were perceived as secular if not profane. When religion has figured into scholarly accounts of these moments it has almost always appeared as tangential or inconsequential. In Spirit in the Dark Josef Sorett upends this narrative by exploring the ways in which religion continued to animate and organize African American literary visions throughout the years between the New Negro Renaissance of the 1920s and the Black Arts movement of the 1960s. Sorett unveils the contours of a literary history that remained preoccupied with religion even as it was typically understood by authors readers and critics alike to be secular. In doing so he reveals how religion especially Christianity remained pivotal to the very ideas and aspirations of African American literature across much of the twentieth century. More specifically Sorett shows that religion and spirituality are key categories for identifying what is (or is not) perceived to constitute or contribute to a black culture. By examining figures and movements that have typically been cast as secular he offers theoretical insights that blur the boundaries of the sacred in scholarship on African American religion and culture. Ultimately Spirit in the Dark reveals religion to be an essential ingredient albeit one that was always questioned and contested to the forging of an African American literary tradition.

- Offers a religious history of texts writers and intellectuals typically taken to be secular
- Reveals a religious impulse at the center of the African American literary imagination
- Provides an introduction to African American religion and literature

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Features ISBN Spirit in the Dark ( A Religious History of Racial Aesthetics ). Written by: Josef Sorett, Number of pages: 312 pages, Language version: English

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ISBN Spirit in the Dark ( A Religious History of Racial Aesthetics ) 312 pages English



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