An investigation of grand battement devant

at Barre, Centre, and in Motion Using Kinematics and Electromyography
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Donna Krasnow An investigation of grand battement devant
Donna Krasnow - An investigation of grand battement devant

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For centuries, the training of dancers has relied on theories of movement based on teachers personal experience and observations. By the early 1950 s, biomechanics began to influence dance inquiry. Researchers wanted to know whether or not dance pedagogy is consistent with principles of biomechanics and consistent with strategies demonstrated by elite dancers. This book summarises a dance research study examining a dance movement called grand battement devant in three conditions: at the barre, in the centre, and traveling. The primary focus was to consider weight transfer in the three conditions, and to examine utilisation of the trunk and lower extremity muscles. Forty female dancers were placed in three groups by training level: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Results suggested that for weight transfer, dancers worked differently at the barre, in the centre, and traveling, but level of training was not a factor in determining strategies. However, both condition and level of training affected how muscles were used. This book is recommended for any dance teacher or any dancer wishing to understand more fully how dancers work during execution of dance movements.


Author Donna Krasnow

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GTIN 9783659333446

Language English

Pages 168

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