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An introduction to the world's most amazing artworks

From Andy Warhol to Jackson Pollock and Michelangelo, introduce your child to the complete picture of art through the ages and across the world. Featuring the finest works by the greatest artists, it's like having the world's best gallery in your own home.

From Van Gogh's self portraits to Miro's Carnival of the Harlequin help your child look beyond the paint and canvas to find out how the art was created and why it was made. Plus, children will be inspired to create their own art with fun projects to try themselves.

It's an incredible look at the fascinating world of art for the whole family.


An introduction to artworks that range from Andy Warhol to Jackson Pollock and Michelangelo.

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GTIN 9781405336598

Release Date 17.06.2011

Language English

Pages 144

Product type Book

Dimension 12.01 x 10.20 x 0.67  inches

Product Weight 36.16 ounces

Children's Book of Art

An Introduction to the World's Most Amazing Paintings and Sculptures


Seller: Dodax

Delivery date: Wednesday, April 25

Condition: New

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