Frobenius Solution to the Hypergeometric Equation

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Betascript Publishing Frobenius Solution to the Hypergeometric Equation
Betascript Publishing - Frobenius Solution to the Hypergeometric Equation

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High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! In the following we solve the second-order differential equation called the hypergeometric differential equation using Frobenius method, named after Ferdinand Georg Frobenius. This is a method that uses the series solution for a differential equation, where we assume the solution takes the form of a series. This is usually the method we use for complicated ordinary differential equations. The solution of the hypergeometric differential equation is very important. For instance, Legendre's differential equation can be shown to be a special case of the hypergeometric differential equation. Hence, by solving the hypergeometric differential equation, one may directly compare its solutions to get the solutions of Legendre's differential equation, after making the necessary substitutions. For more details, please check the hypergeometric differential equat

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