Transvaluation Of Architecture

A Perspective On Performative Value In Architecture
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Kamaran Ali Noori Transvaluation Of Architecture
Kamaran Ali Noori - Transvaluation Of Architecture

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Human values are the foundation upon which life s various decisions and beliefs stand on. Architecture is a discipline that highly depends on design decision makings and evaluation for various alternatives. Consequently, value and evaluation constitutes important roles in architecture discourse. This research builds on the views that acknowledge the significant of value and evaluation in architecture. For this purpose, this research first provides a general overview to the discussion and interpretations of human values in general and specifically across different fields like philosophy, economic, science, and others. This discussion is then followed by a detailed examining of the state of value in architecture. In doing so, this research reveals the connection between values and architecture and identifies different types of design values that drive architecture. The relation between changes in architecture and changes in design values, discussed in this research, highlights the role of design values in shaping architecture. In recognizing the vast influence of values and changes in values on architecture, this research examines a concept from the philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche.


Author Kamaran Ali Noori

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GTIN 9783659145919

Pages 132

Product type Paperback

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