Growth properties of complex valued functions

by Datta, Sanjib Kumar
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Datta, Sanjib Kumar Growth properties of complex valued functions
Datta, Sanjib Kumar - Growth properties of complex valued functions

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In 1926 Finnish mathematician Rolf Nevanlinna initiated the value distrib- ution theory of complex valued functions. Actually this theory deals with the study of the fact how an entire or meromorphic function assumes some values and the in uence of assuming certain values in some speci c manner on a func- tion. In fact, the well known fundamental theorem of classical algebra is prob- ably the rst value distribution theorem. The value distribution theory deals with the various aspects of the behavior of entire and meromorphic functions one of which is the study of comparative growth properties. The present book deals with the measure of growth rates of composite entire and meromorphic functions on the basis of integer translation, estimation of generalized growth properties via maximum terms of composite entire functions as well as those of di erential monomials, wronskians, di erential polynomials etc. generated by them and growth analysis of iterated entire functions with a treatment of their maximum terms.


Datta, Sanjib Kumar
Das, Arup Ratan

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Dr. Sanjib Kumar Datta is currently an Associate Professor at the Department of Mathematics, Kalyani University, India. During his teaching and research career of more than 15 years, he has published nearly 200 Research Papers and supervised 17 Ph.D. Scholars. Presently, he is a reviewer of American Mathematical Society and Zentralblatt Math.
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