Energy and Protein Relations on Poultry Production in Tropics

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Shahla Perween Energy and Protein Relations on Poultry Production in Tropics
Shahla Perween - Energy and Protein Relations on Poultry Production in Tropics

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The traditional diet of the majority of rural people is moderate in energy and low in protein, because of more use of cereals and restricted use of costly food items like fish, meat and egg are restricted. The vegetable protein sources used by the village households are deficient in critical and, essential amino acids like lysine and methionine which in turn can cause protein malnutrition in them. Feeding of diets deficient in quality protein sources like chicken egg, meat and other products of chicken origin exposes them particularly pregnant women, feeding mother and growing children to many common diseases. Backyard poultry farming can perform well in village conditions to improve the nutritional status and economic condition of rural poor. Eggs and birds can be used at home level, as well as it can be sold in premium prices even in urban market where considerable demand for backyard produced egg and birds. The backyard breed namely Vanaraja developed by Project Directorate of Poultry (PDP), Hyderabad are very well acclimatized to village climate with good growth and moderate egg production as per the performance study conducted in our research unit as well as in farmer's field.


Author Shahla Perween

Author Kaushalendra Kumar

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