Effect of essential oils on milk production in crossbred cows

by Roy, Debashis
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Roy, Debashis Effect of essential oils on milk production in crossbred cows
Roy, Debashis - Effect of essential oils on milk production in crossbred cows

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Lactation trial was conducted in cross bred cows for 120 days. The parameters were milk yield, milk composition, body weight, nutrient utilization and microbial protein synthesis in crossbred lactating cows after feeding garlic oil (T1) and garlic-oregano oil combination (T2). No changes were observed in milk yield and milk composition except increase in fat percentage at last fortnight. Both blood urea N and milk urea N were decreased in treatment group. As the sensory evaluation scores were of 'good' category, the milk of all the groups was fit for human consumption. EO did not make any significant impact on DM intake. The statistical analysis of data of DM and OM digestibility revealed that the differences between the groups were not significant (P<0.05). Digestible nutrient intake was almost same in all groups. Digestible ADF intake in T2 group showed numerically higher value than control, but the variation was non significant. The urinary uric acid concentrations in T1 and T2 differed significantly (P>0.05). Though allantoin and total PD concentration were numerically much higher in T1 than control, the variation did not differ significantly as standard error was much higher.


Roy, Debashis

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PERSONAL DETAILS:Father Name: Mr. Kashi nath RoyNationality: Indian ACADEMIC QUALIFICATIONS :PhD (Animal Nutrition)RESEARCH PROJECT:M.V.Sc:"Status of mercury and arsenic in animal feeds, milk and water in different districts of Haryana"PhD:Effect of essential oils on nutrient utilization and milk production in crossbred cows"
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