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The Gladiator high-protein bar, the taste of which is nothing like any others that you’ve tried so far.

One 60-gram bar contains 36% of protein.
The composition and taste were the most important aspects when creating Gladiator.
Additional ingredients in the form of peanut butter, coconut and caramel can make you get addicted to it.
The pleasure you get from each bite can only be compared to the greatest, most memorable moments of elation.
Remember, protein contributes to the growth or maintenance of muscle mass.

- Let's start with the facts:
- Only 1,1g sugars!
- We love sweets, right?
- Do we feel guilty when we eat them?
- We often get hungry - and it's not just a "small" hunger - between meals or after training
- We are looking for a solution that is both delicious and nutritious, but that will not disturb the balance of our diet

Product Features

Features Olimp Nutrition Gladiator. Flavour: Brownie, Capacity: 60 g. Energy value (per serving): 220 kcal, Energy value (per 100 g): 366 kcal, Energy value (per serving): 917 kJ

Product Details


GTIN 05901330050695

Release Date 10.07.2019

Manufacturer Part Number 5901330050695

Olimp Nutrition Gladiator

Olimp Nutrition

This product is unfortunately out of stock!
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This product is unfortunately out of stock!